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Which London Lab designers did you choose to wear?

I chose the Meadham Kirchhoff slip dress with a Preen top underneath and these Mother of Pearl slip-ons.

Why did you choose those pieces?

I zoomed in on the Meadham slip dress. It's so exciting that a piece like that will be coming on to my-wardrobe because a) Meadham Kirchhoff are not super widely stocked and b) it's a real statement piece and I think that really signifies the change in the buy.

I think this is what the London Lab project is about - bringing new designers on to the site. I wanted to pick things that heralded that change.

What do you think of the new designer range at my-wardrobe?

They're people I admire, it's really representative of what younger London designers are producing.

What is contemporary British style to you?

I feel like Brits are really good at mixing things. They can mix price points and different aesthetics together to create a mish-mash.

There's definitely been a re-emergence of British designers in the last couple of years, especially smaller ones getting more recognition.

You've got people who are building really solid businesses without making too much of a shout about it. Mother of Pearl don't do a show, but they do really great collections that people are buying.

Sophie Hulme is a really great bag designer who has just grown through word of mouth. Her bags are so well stocked and now her ready-to-wear is doing really well.

palmer//harding focused in on the white shirt. That's such a specific niche and such a focused position on something that's been lacking. They're great and really well made.

The punk look, it's quite hard for the average woman to wear?

I think that there are pieces out there that make it easier to segue into a trend. It's getting the balance right, so if you're wearing something grungy, then your shoes might be a bit dressier. It's about playing with contrasts.

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Why did you choose to wear these London Lab items?

I picked an Ostwald Helgason shirt and skirt. I love the prints that Ostwald Helgason is doing, the shapes and silhouettes are so beautiful and very flattering. It's one of my favourites. I styled it with a sweater because it's autumn and a silk shirt may be too light and I like to break the outfit and the print up. The jumper has a really nice texture and the sleeves aren't full length which I really like as you can see some of the shirt. It's a nice feature and I always pay a lot of attention to details.

What do you think British contemporary style is like?

I feel it's very creative. It's different, some of the designers like to use a lot of print and colour, it's an amazing combination. Other designers are very minimal, very Scandinavian. It's a mixture of Scandivian simplicity versus British creativity.

Do you think that London as a city has a look?

I think so yes. When I think of British designers, I think very much of Ostwald Helgason, lots of prints and colours, it makes me happy.

What do you think of the new my-wardrobe collections?

Amazing, I love everything, and I love that my-wardrobe is now focussing so much on British designers. There is so much colour and so many interesting designers, especially all the new ones coming up. Designers like J.W. Anderson, I love what he's doing, and again Ostwald Helgason and Studio Nicholson. It's really good. And I wasn't familiar with Lucas Nascimento before, so I've discovered a new one.

Are there any pieces that you particularly like?

The pieces I chose. And I also have my eyes on another skirt by Ostwald Helgason, the striped silk one and a check suit from Studio Nicholson. Also the J.W. Anderson short skirt, I love that. And then, she's not a British designer but Elena Ghisellini, her bags are so beautiful.

In the past couple of years London designers have really come to the forefront, do you think there's a reason for that?

It's very contemporary. I love British fashion at the moment because Paris is very luxurious, Milan is very glamorous, New York is more rock chic and then there's London which is very happy and contemporary.

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Which London Lab designers did you choose to wear today?

I was confused because there were three looks that I loved. In the end I chose a look from Mother of Pearl. I met the designer yesterday, she's so nice. I was in a high-waisted skirt, and knitwear with an amazing collar with stones and then I picked one of the Harris Tweed coats.

The shoes were my D Squared shoes from next fall winter.

Why did you pick the Mother of Pearl pieces?

I love patterns and the high-waisted skirt was amazing. I'm Italian, so I like the fifties look, high-waisted skirts, Mary Janes and a coat on my shoulder, those kind of things.

Next I tried something different, the white Studio Nicholson pants and the J.W. Anderson geometric jumper. It's not my usual style, completely crazy. It's more comfy and masculine, but for me it's difficult to find a good fit sometimes because I'm Sicilian so I have my curves. Sometimes I put something on and it's not very good, but those pants were perfect. They're a piece I want to buy, because it's something you can always wear.

How would you describe British style?

I have two views. When I think about the real street style, I think of Camden, I think punk, underground and Vivienne Westwood. The other look is more feminine and the kind of brands I love.

I like British brands because they're completely different to others. They dare and take chances. This is why sometimes they're not well known. However I think with projects like the London Lab, they'll get bigger and bigger.

Any standout pieces from the collection?

I particularly like the silk striped skirt by Ostwald Helgason. You can feel the quality fabric.

I also liked the jumpers by J.W. Anderson because sometimes you need to be comfy. You don't have to wear big heels all the time.

If you could sum up the my-wardrobe London Lab collection, what would you say?

I think it's really feminine. A lot of the bloggers chose to wear trousers and coats, but in the end they looked girly, really elegant. Also you have a lot of burgundy, for me it's the most elegant colour. I like it a lot.

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What did you choose to wear from the London Lab collection?

I wore a McQ Alexander McQueen sweater dress. The jacket is Huishan Zhang, and the bag is a McQ Alexander McQueen velvet clutch. For my own blog I wore the striped skirt by Ostwald Helgason, and a plain tank top.

Why did these pieces make an impression?

I wanted to create a softer tone and the McQ dress had a hint of fuchsia which I thought was really great and a brighter version of burgundy for Fall. The jacket complemented the patterns on the dress, I wanted to make sure it was cohesive. I added the velvet clutch to add texture.

What do you think is contemporary British style?

I love that British designers play with so much pattern, it’s a very bold vision and the attention to detail is just shocking. There are little details on the Palmer Harding white shirts which are such a beautiful statement in the overall look.

Which are your favourite pieces?

I love the Ostwald Helgason skirt. The Palmer Harding shirt because of the length, I could wear it as a shirt dress or as a long shirt with leggings for winter. It’s great.

I really appreciate how much time my-wardrobe have spent grooming new designers. It’s so important. I love the new collections. Whether you want prints or something more minimalistic - you have that. The fall collections have something for everybody.

Are there any particular designers that stand out?

I love Mother of Pearl, it’s so fresh.

What in your view are the big trends for the new season?

I love that leather is being revisited. I love burgundy, I love olive. They are colour classics that I truly adore.

What makes London designers different to those in Paris, Milan and New York?

I think that they’re fearless, they’re not afraid to play with colour. I think their bold decisions are what makes them very special.

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What did you choose to wear from the London Lab collection?

I picked the Studio Nicholson pink coat which I’m in love with. It is so unlike me as I don’t ever wear colour, let alone anything girly or feminine, but there’s something about it and it has a great sculptural cocoon shape.

I wore it with a white shirt by Peridot London, Joseph trousers, and an amazing leopard bag from Elena Ghisellini.

Why did you pick those particular pieces?

It was all centred around the coat. I am a coat person generally, that’s how all my outfits are made when it’s not summertime.

And what do you think of the new London collections?

I really liked them. I think there is literally something for everyone. I love London designers, sharp but still playful with shapes and proportions.

What do you think differentiates the London designers from those in Paris or Milan or New York?

I think here because the industry is relatively new, London designers are more willing to take chances and be a bit more experimental, definitely with colour and prints and the fabrications.

Someone’s got to be young and innovative, so it’s good that it’s London.

Which designers stood out for you?

I think I am in love with Studio Nicholson, which I had on for a shoot for my blog. I really like the cream trousers and top made from different fabrics.

Susie just put on a grey woollen dress by Lucas Nascimento, I love that dress. I remember Carmen Borgonovo [the my-wardrobe Fashion Director] wearing it at the press day and it looked really beautiful.

I am in love with Ostwald Helgason. It’s not my personal style because it is more print and colour based, but I would still wear it. It’s a collection that makes you want to have a different kind of style or character.

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